Pocket Money


You can also manage your kids pocket money. You can setup bonuses and penalties for good jobs and fails. Don’t forget to pay them occasionally.

Tap on each childs pocket money for a menu.

You can award good jobs to reward your child for good behaviour or a job well done!

You can associate pocket money with chorzzz completion. You need to set the base amount and rewards/penalty amount for gold stars and fails.

We don't recommend you do this for younger children. You can still set a base amount and track pocket money payments. Leave the Good Job Chorzzz and Failed Chorzzz set to zero. – It is not recommended that you ‘fail’ younger children. In this instance you should set the fail amount to zero.  Bonuses can be awarded seperately for good jobs if you wish.

Don't forget to pay your kids their pocket money!

A payment history is kept for you to refer to.

Chore totals can sometimes take a short while to update. Results are discarded after 31 days or when closed by a pocket money payment. As only 31 days data is kept pocket money should be paid at least monthly.